I rarely compete in obedience trials, yet I am in demand with students who are competing and winning obedience trial championships.

Although I’ve never stepped foot in a freestyle ring, I have students who do nothing but that.

My agility students frequently outshine me in competition, but turn to me for problem solving again and again.

The pattern repeats with trick dogs, parkour, rally, and scent work. Students train with me along with their other classes and instructors not instead.

Why are people seeking out me out?

What’s the secret here?

Training dogs for movies requires three things.

  • That the dog learns the new behaviors very quickly, we often only have a week or less to train something.
  • That the dog perform reliably in a highly distracting environment, because movie sets are chaotic, and every minute on set costs a fortune.
  • That the dog is enthusiastic about repeating the same thing over and over. We never know how many takes we will have to do.

I’ve spent decades perfecting techniques that highlight these three points, and the skills that have worked with my dogs in film and on television, for the Disney, Hulu, ESPN, and every major network and more, working with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Alan Cumming, Sarah Jessica Parker and Robin Williams, are just as effective training dogs for any imaginable sport or task.

STAR POWER breaks you out of the same old routines with fun challenges and trick training that give you the chops to supercharge your training.

What’s included

  • Six weeks of detailed lessons with videos, photos and written directions teaching fun tricks and skills the way we start and polish our animal actors
  • Three Zoom meetings to discuss training concepts and ideas and get the inside scoop on the world of animal acting.
  • Unlimited feedback for six months. Post your training videos and questions in the classroom for feedback and personalized training help.
  • Community Chat for ongoing discussion of all our training topics
  • Lifetime access to course materials

Class starts April 29th 2024


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