I'll jump in here with a 'novice' testimonial to Frankie's talent and patience. The video instruction is top notch and even better is her advice when you submit your own videos. Frankie never makes you feel as though you are behind or failing, regardless of your level. She gives concrete suggestions and ways to work through problems. Her methods are not a 'one size fits all', but instead she demonstrates and breaks down what she has proven with a variety of dogs, and helps you figure out how your dog learns best and how to reach your goals. And most of all, Frankie's classes are FUN for both dogs and humans!

- Robyn

Frankie is the best! I have been training with her for over four years now and we are definitely missing the in person stuff, but she has helped me devise a rehab exercise program through videos for my dog since she had surgery. We’re going to take this class too so I can get back in the groove of having my dog focus on me and we can be ready for agility trials, once they start holding those again.


I cannot say enough about Frankie Joiris’ online classes! I have taken several online classes through different platforms with different trainers and I have to say that I find Frankie’s set up works best for me.  Frankie provides written instructions as well as videos so you are sure to get the information you need in the way you need. She will not only answer any questions you have but will make sure she explains the answer in a way that you fully understand. I love that Frankie leaves the Facebook group open after the classes are over so that if there’s something that you need extra work on you can do so at your own pace. Frankie has a relaxed way of teaching and always finds new ways to make her classes fun!


Frankie has helped me with all 3 of my dogs. She has catered her lessons to suit the needs of each individual dog’s size, breed, and most importantly, personality. As a result, she has helped me and my daughter (a junior) to become better handlers. Frankie deeply cares about her students. She makes each lesson fun and easy to follow. I highly recommend Frankie for all your canine needs.


I have worked with Frankie for close to 30 years and she is perhaps one of THE finest trainers on the planet. Always learning and reconfuguring how to teach the people and dogs, very thoughtful and clear, incredible problem solver. She also trains myriad other animal species which helps with everyone she teaches. Highly recommended.


I have had the great pleasure to be a student of Frankie’s for 8 years. She is the consummate educator of dogs and of people. She has the rare ability to adapt her teaching to each team, helping them grow and meeting them where they are in their development. Frankie has helped me to be a better teammate for my Golden Retriever and my Border Terrier - two very different learners! I have seen and shared from puppyhood just how Frankie develops the beautiful level of focus and happy desire to work with her that make her dogs such a joy to watch. We have explored Agility, Utility level Obedience, disc, skateboarding and tricks. All come out of the same focus foundation to which we keep returning. We’re still a work in progress and cant wait for our next adventure with Frankie!


I’m taking my third class of Frankie’s during the pandemic, and I took a couple of total team performance classes a year or so ago. I have had tons of fun with my dogs and learned so much! She is a great teacher, very responsive to questions, and very positive.

Recommendation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Linda R

I have known Frankie for many years and think she is the best! She has the eye to see when you are doing a right and also the ablility to give us lessons that are achievable. Training terriers for all these years I need all the attention I can get! 


I have known Frankie for years. She is hands down the best trainer I have seen. I am privileged to know her and to have been a student. She also trains other animals and great at that as well. Try her class and you will be so happy you did.

- Jill

I’ve been taking classes with Frankie for 8 years. She is an accomplished trainer and an excellent teacher. She truly cares about her students and always tries to bring out the best in you and your dog. Although I had been training dogs for nearly 20 years before I met Frankie, I'm still learning new techniques, ways of thinking and unique approaches to training challenges from her. Highly recommend!

- Terri

Frankie is  a marvelous trainer.  particularly like the fact that she not only writes out written teaching plans but also has videos of the process involved to getting the behavior. That’s very good for those of us that have value in not only reading it but also seeing the training being done Seeing the processes help us remember how to more effectively slice the behavior. As a long time Trainer myself,  I feel like taking her classes are a way that I have a mentor to guide me.

- Meg