Your Potential Unleashed

There was a moment when you became each other's, when you undeniably knew you belonged together. Maybe your dog found you when you did not even know you were looking for a friend, maybe you planned for her to be in your life from before she even was conceived, those are just details against the backdrop of the magic that happened in that moment when there were no more questions asked, no more decisions to be made, you just knew the two of you were meant to be.  Let us join you on your journey, and build your relationship to the max.

We are devoted to relationship building and communication through the conversation of training our dogs.  DOG POTENTIAL UNLEASHED helps you build the team of your dreams, you and your dog achieving together.  Our ways of fostering communication center on focus and understanding, helping you get the most out of your training, whatever method or philosophy you follow.

photos by Casie Brettell unless otherwise indicated